Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How do I clean bubble bath out of the carpet?

My daughter poured a whole bottle of bubble bath on my carpet. How can I get them out? The more water I pour %26amp; the more I scrub them the more bubbles it makes!! Help!How do I clean bubble bath out of the carpet?
use a steam cleaner without any cleaner in it....just warm water...How do I clean bubble bath out of the carpet?
shampoo the carpet. with a steam cleaner
I moved into an apartment that had spilled shampoo on the rug. I went to wal mart and rented a rug doctor. I put water in the rug doctor and kept running over it with the rug doctor until I knew the shampoo was out of the carpet.
Hey amynikki,

When you clean, get a steam cleaner, use plain water to

suck the extra soap in the carpet. Good luck!!!!!

Will take time but you will get it out, Take a credit card or something similar, and rub the card along the carpet , this will help you lift the soap, a cold wet sponge, lotÚ║ôs of kitchen roll. The main thing is to get the suds out. Once you have all the suds out. Lay a towel with a heavy object on top this will soak up any remaining water from the underside of your carpet, Leave over night like this, and allow to dry with natural air. You might find that this area of carpet will need to be steam cleaned, as sooner or later the water mark always reaches the surface
You definately need to ';wick'; the carpet area ...which is placing a towel over the spilled bubble bath, and placing a heavy object on it to wick up as much as you can ~ several hours at least. Once this has been done, you can help to cut the ';soap'; residue with house hold vinegar. Pour it over the spot, to help cut the sudsing action of the soap. Once again ';wick'; the carpet to remove as much of the vinegar and and soapy residue. As ironic as this sounds, once you have the majority of the soap up cut with the vinegar, you will then need to steam the carpet to finish cleaning up the soap, and it takes soap (NOT ALOT) to finish cutting the residual soap residue out of the carpet. The reason for the ';wicking'; of the carpet, is to try to draw as much of the substance out of the carpet pad and floor under the carpet. Other wise it just keeps returning to the surface of the carpet from under neath.
Because Bubble Bath is so concentrated, it's all about diluting it. Not too much water though, just enough to dilute little by little . When you notice a lot of the suds are out, spray a mild carpet cleaner/spot remover. Consider Baking soda as well.
I'llcome clean it out for you..try resolve or hot shot... think thats what its called
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