Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How do you create fake bubbles in a fake bubble bath?

Our project requires an oversized old fashioned bathtub, filled to overspilling with ';fake bubbles';.

We are having a HORRIBLE time figuring out how to create ';fake bubbles';, as in a bubble bath.

Please, any ideas/suggestions at all???

Thank youHow do you create fake bubbles in a fake bubble bath?
I have a soap store and my window display is fake bubbles in a claw foot tub. I used clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby and irridescent basket filler that sheens like a real soap bubble. Fill the bottom of the tub with large boxes or something that takes up space, drape a white sheet over this and then lay the irridescent basket filler on top and put the ornaments on top of the filler. Let some of the filler ';spill'; over the side. Add some towels over the side and place some filler and a ornament bubble in that.

My flickr photostream has my display.How do you create fake bubbles in a fake bubble bath?
What a great question. Assuming you need longer lasting bubbles to shoot a video or take photos, you need to increase the life span of the bubbles. There is a lot of science behind bubbles, but essentially you can do 2 simple things to improve the life of your bubbles.

1. Soap and water bubbles do not last long in dry air. Water evaporates from the bubble, and eventually there is not adequate surface tension for the bubble to exist. If you increase the humidity of the air, the bubbles will last longer. My understanding is that if the humidity is high enough, the bubbles will last for hours. Also decreasing the air temperature will decrease evaporation rate, and improve the lifespan.

2. If you add glycerin to the soap and water mixture this will improve the surface tension and increase the bubble lifespan.
Just cut out the bubbles from giant bubble wrap.
fake bubble maker

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